Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Your Salsalegre Dance Instructors Sydonee Harris & Martin Rivera

Salsalegre's Dance Academy's Dance Duo

Sydonee Harris & Martin Rivera have been teaching together for the past two years in Providence Rhode Island, as Salsalegre Dance Academy.  They both bring their own personalized and unique style to dance. Specially when it comes to Salsa. As a dance duo, They have creatively executed various innovative dance workshops and classes both inside the dance studio and at local entertainment venues both in Providence and around New England. They blend a multitude of dance techniques and incorporate them in dance lessons that allow many people who take their sessions, to enhance their technique, style and charisma when it comes to Latin dancing.

Currently both specialize in Salsa, and teaching the weekly  All-Levels Latin Classes on Tuesdays at SalsaCity in downtown Providence, and over at Studio One in Lincoln Rhode Island where they offer separate classes, private classes, group classes and Studio Socials monthly with workshops, to students looking for indepth salsa lessons. Sydonee has over twenty years of ballroom and latin dance experience. while Martin has 15 years of Latin Dance experience and Choreography Coaching.  

Both Martin and Sydonee are very passionate about Dance and Latin Dances. They bring a unique balance on the dance floor as dancers and instructors. They are personable and charismatic and love the opportunity to share their love of Salsa with everyone.

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