Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ready to Explore BACHATA Club-Style for the Grown and Sexy? Vamos!...
enhance your skills as a Bachata dancer in a way that most lessons usually ignore!

Bachata is sensual because partners are so close together. especially if a partner is good at leading clear leads. In bachata club-style, there is definitely more attitude-men are seductive and assertive, women are feminine and playful

The levels are different, if you are doing only basic steps at arm's length, there is no sensuality and frankly no fun.

Develop great leading & following skills, body isolations, rhythmical footwork and sensual arm movements. There are varying degrees of sensuality for all comfort zones.

Dance with passion, emotion, and connection. One of the best things that dancers get from this course is confidence. Boosting one’s confidence on the dance floor does not only end there but stays with one’s personality.

your gonna experience the oooo's and aaaa's of Club Style Bachata.

Contact Martin at 401-368-5309 or email salsoul4life@yahoo.com for any questions about our This Group class or private lessons.

Martin's Salsalegre's adult series are 4 classes over 4 weeks 90 minutes each class for $65
See you at Studio One for this Great Course.
Get in touch with me for questions.

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