Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Salsa Classes in Providence RI

As an active member in the Salsa Scene in Providence and as an Instructor of Salsalegre Dance Academy I believe any individual, (Yes, that means YOU too!) with passion and ambition can become a skillfull and confident Salsa dancer regardles...s of background, education, culture, age or any other outside factor.

Some of our top students have had NO dance experience prior to Salsalegre Dance Academy.

Whatever your goals may be, I can help you get there! Get enroll in our classes, Meet some of our awesome students, be ambitious and join in on the fun... isn’t it time you join our family! Easy enrollment, drop in classes, personalized instruction and results you can be proud of. Call or text Martin today. Join our Class on Tuesday Nights. 401-368-5309, Studio One is located at 85 Industrial Circle in Lincoln RI.

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