Monday, November 26, 2012

Message from Martin: Salsa & Club-Style Dancing

Why Take Social Latin Dance Lessons?
If you have an interest in romance, music, fun, and fitness, don’t waste your time and money buying an expensive membership to the gym and hanging out at noisy, overcrowded bars. Instead, satisfy all of your desires with a single activity that also provides you with the added benefits of gaining a new skill, meeting new people, and having a good excuse to shop for a snazzy new outfit! Quickly gaining worldwide appeal for its adaptability and expressiveness, Clubstyle dancing (Salsa, Bachata & Cha Cha) is a pastime that will get you on your feet and whisk you into an exhilarating realm of passion, sensuality, and pleasure.
 The Perks....
Meet New People and Make New Friends as You become Introduced to a Dance that is Truly Universal. Everyone is Welcome and No One is a Stranger! Immerse yourself in the Rhythms and Flavors of Salsa, Bachata , Cha Cha, Mambo & Bachatango Clubstyle.
I offer a ClubStyle Class on Tuesday Nights at Studio One located at 85 Industrial Circle in Lincoln RI. The Class is at 7:30pm and Yes there is a spot for you. call or text me at 401-368-5309

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