Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Salsalegre's Sydonee and Martin at your next event. Spice it up with some dancing.

Looking to spice up your next event? Look no further as SALSALEGRE can help you to create the best event that your guest will always remember. All it takes it is a bit of the Latin flavour!
Salsalegre’s Sydonee and Martin has had long-standing associations with some of the finest and well-known local Latin artists and performers in Providence RI.
We offer private lessons for individuals, couples, and groups here in a variety of dance styles with trained professionals.  No matter what your level is, we’ll find out what your strengths and weaknesses are to better assess how we can help you improve.  There are many benefits to taking our lessons with our instructors:
Personalized one-on-one attention
Better development and focus on technique, either in leading or following, as well as shines
Flexibility to your schedule
More opportunities to ask questions and address any concerns or issues
Plenty of time to work and fine-tune the individuals/couples/groups style
Fast track learning as a result of a more focused direct approach

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