Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saturday Night BACHATANGO Club-Style 2 Hour workshop & Salsa Social with Salsalegre Dance Academy at Studio One

 upon approach, There is an anecdote for the Bachata, this is an extremely sexy dance which is often done with two partners practically wrapped around each other: limbs entwined and cheeks touching. All of the songs are about heartache and longing: think tango with about 100 times more hip action. It's somehow intimate and sensual, mysteryous and so taboo but everyone is so fascinated with it.; and everyone knows this.

Bachatango (often classed as a sensual form of modern bachata) is a style of dance that fuses the four-step Dominican bachata with Argentine tango moves, including elaborated kicks, dips, turns and long pauses. The dance is characterized by sensual hip and body movements. Partners hold each other in a closed position where the female’s inside right thigh is in contact with the inside of the male's right thigh, while using the hand placements of typical Latin style dances.

BACHATANGO Club-style workshop with Martin and Sydonee
Club Style Bachata & Tango Fundamentals: Beginner/ Beginner Intermediate Level, Introducing footwork, 3-step turns, posture, partner connection, resistance and tension.
We will be blending sensual Bachata moves with the ever so sexy Tango, adding some intricate turn patterns with intense embraces, cozy Tango body contact and swift footwork with syncopations.

2hr Specialty Workshop begins 7pm-9pm followed by our Salsa Social 9pm-12midnight with DJ Flip Dogg and the Salsalegre and SalsaCity Dancers

understand the connection with each other, and the partnerships movement as a single entity.
We will define the missing elements in most social dances - body contact and sensuality through musicality

A focus will be getting to read your partner's body language.
This interconnects with the art of leading and following.

$15 Cover for the Salsa Social Bash w/ DJ, includes drinks and appetizers!
$30 fee for the 2hr Bachatango workshop course, includes cover for Salsa Social w/ DJ, drinks and appetizers.

Tons of Free off Street PARKING in our Private parking lot.

Studio One is located at 85 Industrial Circle, Lincoln Rhode Island, Suite 4102
*Large ballroom Style Studio
*Club style seating
*personalized lounge area
*Best instructional salsa Studio in Rhode Island

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