Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Salsa with Salsalegre & the Amazing Perks from Salsa Dancing Lessons.

The most popular question that I get asked is, "What should I or we expect from taking a salsa class or going out to your salsa socials?

Joining a Salsalegre class or visiting our SalsaCity Nights has incredible benefits socially: You will meet many people, so many more than you would actually meet through any other means. Anyone who has tried it will tel...
l you that the social gains, for men and women alike, are without compare.

For those who are single and love dance, there is just not a better way to meet others of the opposite sex. The results of it by far exceed those of internet dating sites, or bar and club hopping, hands down.

For those who are married there is no better way to spice things up in your relationship, rekindling the dying flames of romance and passion to a greater degree than they existed before in your relationship.

For those of you who make it an event outting with friends is probably the most enjoyable and creative way to get everyone to have a phenomenal time together. it allows everyone to interact, socialize, catch up and learn something new or enhance something current.

So now that I have shared this with you, and have given you the answer to the question. I have a few things to offer so that you can get on your path to loving Salsa dancing this Summer.

On Monday Nights at Studio One, I offer a drop in class that is catered to beginners, the class covers Salsa and Bachata basics. its the perfect class to build upon your core basics, and the foundation steps to salsa dancing and Bachata. added to this class is a few tips on Styling techniques for both men and women. Monday night classes begin at 8:30pm-9:30pm, they are 1 hour in length and the pricing is $10 for the class.

(Studio One is located at 85 Industrial Circle, Lincoln Rhode Island.)

On Tuesdays at SalsaCity over at The Celtic Lounge, we offer a night of Social dancing, with a DJ and an early Salsology salsa class that is devoted to all levels, the class begins at 8pm, it is an hour long and covers the beginner basics steps followed by an intemediate combination pattern with partners. its a drop in class so no partner is required. shortly after the class we host our salsa night from 9pm-1am with many of Providences fun and outgoing salsa dancers. The Cover on Tuesdays is $10 and includes both the class and the Social night of dancing.

(SalsaCity Tuesdays is hosted at The Celtic Lounge downtown Providence, located at 397 Westminster Street Providence Rhode Island)

On Wednesday Nights at Studio One, I offer a 4 week series salsa & salsa styling course for both beginners and beginner/intermediates. This course covers an array of basics, footwork, shines, combination patterns and stylling and movement in salsa. The course is given through-out a 4 week time frame and each class is 90 minutes in length. This course is definately designed to move you along in your salsa dancing. The pricing for this 4 week series course is $90 its hosted on Wednesdays at Studio One and class begins at 8:30pm (Students have to register for this course)

(Studio One is located at 85 Industrial Circle, Lincoln Rhode Island)

Private lessons are always offered to everyone, also to couples. get in touch with me to book your Summer salsa class now.

Creative Director/Instructor
Salsalegre Events Providence

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