Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bachata Club Style Providence RI New Schedule

(SALSA CLASS will be rescheduled on a different night)

Level 1 Bachata ClubStyle at 7pm, Level 2 Bachata ClubStyle at 8pm

Learn to Dance CS BACHATA
We offer the most extensive Bachata classes in Rhode Island. We have over 100 bachata moves and turn patterns to help you look amazing on the dance floor. Taking our bachata CS class will open up your eyes to what is possible in bachata. We will take your dancing to the next level with 360's turns; gancho kicks; dips; hand tosses and more.
Over 100+ bachata turn patterns
No partner or experience required
You wil be paired up in class
Students of all ages
practice time with partners

What you will learn in Level 1 Bachata CS
Basic bachata steps & footwork
Partner connection and position
Bachata turn patterns
Bachata timing & rhythm
Bachata dancing etiquette

No experience or partner required! You are going to learn all the basic steps of Bachata CS and will be able to use your skills right away on the dance floor. Every week we will teach you a new Bachata fundamental as well as a simple turn pattern. At the end of this session you will know how to move well to the music, how to dance Bachata side to side and front to back, how to interact with your partner on the dance floor and much more. All our classes are taught in a fun and informal manner, and we assure you that you will be impressed with your progress!

What you will learn in Level 2 Bachata CS
Advanced bachata CS turn patterns
Bachata multiple spins & 360's
Bachata dips & Bachata tricks
Dominican Bachata footwork
Bachata partnerwork & styling

Our intermediate class offers students with Bachata CS dancing experience a challenging session to take their dancing to the next level. Every week you will learn a challenging choreographed turn pattern that will be sure to impress anyone on the dance floor. You will build on your fundamental skills, learn advanced body isolations and marking, increase the complexity of your movements and add many elements of style to your dancing. You will also learn some of the signature Bachata CS Club moves, including the Rotations, Wind Mill, the Pretzel, and many more!

Call or Text Martin Today for enrollment. New Sessions for Tuesday night Dance Classes. 401-368-5309

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