Friday, August 3, 2012

Salsa & Bachata Private lessons in Providence

PRIVATE LESSONS (Best Way to begin your Journey)
Are you looking for an individual assessment of your leading or following technique? Do you want a personalized plan to help you become better dancer? Do you feel overwhelmed or embarrassed in group classes? Private lessons are a sure way to spring your confidence like you would not believe!
Salsa is at heart a social dance. One of the great things about salsa is that once you start learning it, you are instantly plugged into a worldwide social network of fellow salsa music lovers and dancers. Since it's fun, it is a excellent way to meet a lot of great people that you will form an almost instant bond with, simply because you both know how to salsa! Moreover it's challenging, great exercise, and constantly keeps you engaged with other people who like to move, express themselves, and have fun.
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