Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Salsa in Providence has grown in the past years or so, due to the interest in the people living in the city, aswell as those of us who teach salsa and promote it. People argue and say that Providence has a small salsa community, some agree that this is true, others feel that its present but divided in groupings of devotees, and some might just say that its definately expanding with the high demand of people wanting to take lessons, host Socials, and create a name for themselves in the Salsa scene. Venues all around the City aspire to host a Salsa night or two. But alot of the time those nights are short live. Salsa Socials or Salsa Nights that have maintained themselves strong and ongoing are a result of constant attention and promotion on behalf of Instructors and Dance Academy's. These are the front people in the scene that showcase their evenings and stay on top of the trends when it comes to hosting a Salsa Night. These individuals create an environment dedicated to people who share the same interests and love for Salsa.  They highlight performances, lessons, workshops, themed events, contests, live music & Dancers of all backgrounds. 

 Whats obvious, Alot of the time People & Dancers look for a place to call home, (Dance Home) a venue to visit on a weekly basis, that provides a welcoming environment along with Dancers and Music. In Providence there is lots to do and see, and there are alot of Dance clubs that offer a variety of music. But when it comes to Salsa only a few stand tall. In the Providence Salsa scene, well in the one that Salsalegre has created, dancers and people from all backgrounds and ages visit SalsaCity on Tuesday Nights. here they find lessons, freedom to express themselves in their Salsa styling, there are no Salsa Snobs in this scene. You can enjoy and connect with a variety of dancers both skillfull and also new to dance. Its simply a place in Providence that caters to the need of a dancer looking for some social time and social dancing in the City. So if you love Salsa, like we love Salsa then Salsa is the Answer @ SalsaCity.

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