Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yeah, So Wow! I cannot believe a Year has gone by so quickly and that this coming Tuesday nite March 29th at SalsaCity, I will be Celebrating a Year of committment to Salsalegre Events Providence. A year ago as I sat back enjoying a Drink over at Pearl Lounge I looked around and thought wouldnt it be great for Providence to have more Salsa in the City, and how can I work to achieve this?, I was already hosting salsa workshops at venues and providing great material for students to learn, so why not enhance the experience and provide a place for these wonderful people to execute what they learn in the studio, out to a venue that caters to the salsa dancer. In all honesty I have to thank the management at Pearl because they were so willing to give a night dedicated to dance and salsa. Even though with the challenge ahead and all the criticisms, and negativity, I stood my ground and felt that if I didnt take this opportunity given to me at that time, I would be looking back with resentment asking myself why didnt I do it! I have to admit, Ive never been the type of person to step on other people's toes, I give credit to those individuals that work hard to host other Salsa events and nights, because without them we wouldnt have places and choices to make to go out Salsa dancing. 

This is actually the first time that I physically write about this experience. I will admit that before beginning my salsa nights, I felt that alot of the people that I respected and admired in the salsa scene, did not receive my intentions in the right way, so I had to make a decision, even still to this day Im cordial and respectful to those people, but I came to realize that they didnt feel the same for me. and that is okay, Ive learned that you wont be loved or liked by everyone because of some decisions that you make in life, but as Im ready to celebrate a year of hard work, dedication, committment, and success, I realize that it had a purpose and I dont regret a second of my decision to host a Salsa night of my own. People will continue do support everyone in their own way, giving the public choices and places to have for dancing in the City of Providence is a good thing. For those of you who are reading this, know that I do it to share my love of dance and music. I grew up in a household full of music and salsa, and I will continue to share this love, as if you were sitting in my house as my guest. Thank you to all the wonderful people who supported our events and my journey, it is with your laughter, happiness, and enjoyment that fuels my reasons for doing what I do and keeping Salsalegre Events Providence ALIVE in the City.

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