Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday Night Salsa Social in April with Salsalegre

Hello Salsa Socialites, 

We are pleased to invite you to attend our Saturday Night, Salsalegre Studio One Salsa Social on Saturday April 16th 2011.
Salsalegre on Saturday Night Salsa Social is a truly Divine experience for everyone interested in Salsa, Dancing & joining Providence 's hot, Salsa Scene. 

If you're new to the dance scene, or just want to enjoy an evening out with your salsa crew, meet up with friends, interested in meeting new people, expanding your social network or just Dance Salsa then this place is perfect for you.

The night starts out with a Dynamic Salsa 90 min. workshop with your Salsalegre Instructors Martin & Sydonee, Next you Dance in our large ballroom style studio where you will develop new moves and styling to your salsa repertoire, Connect & socialize with new and friendly Social dancers from new england , Lounge in our club style personalize tables, Enjoy Drinks and appetizers and dance the evening away with our resident DJ Flip.

Hardcore Salsa Lovers, Casual Dancers and Complete Beginners, are welcomed to enjoy in our Salsalicious event that is set for salseros and salseras to dance, dance , dance.

~~~~~~~~~~~Dance Instruction Workshop~~~~~~~~~~~
(45 mins.) Liquid Salsa Beginner/Intermediate This class focuses leading/following elaborate combinations known as turn patterns. Students will also be taught how to properly execute multiple spins and how to style their movements.

(45 mins.) Cuban-Style Rueda de Casino
Rueda de Casino takes it to the next level by grouping couples in a circle and dancing patterns called by the Rueda leader. It's community salsa dancing at its most fun! Two couples... seven couples... thirty couples...
any number of couples,dancing Salsa in a circle, executing Salsa moves
and dynamically exchanging partners! What a great way to dance salsa and have fun!

by your Salsalegre Dance Academy Instructors Sydonee and Martin
from 7pm to 9:00pm
(Arrive at 6:45pm for registrations)

The salsa social begins right after the lesson at 9pm.

Followed by the Musical Stylings of our wonderful DJ Flip Dogg with the entire Salsalegre and SalsaCity Crew.

$15 cover for the Salsa Social Bash, includes drinks and appetizers!
$25 fee for the Dance Instruction Workshop, Includes cover, Drinks and appetizers and of course the amazing 90 minute wokshop

make it Your Night!

Saturday Salsa Social, April 16th 2011, 7pm-12midnight

Studio One is located at 85 Industrial Circle, Lincoln Rhode Island suite 4102

contact us
Martin Rivera

Sydonee Harris

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